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E-Fax Solution: As simple to use as email


iNETFax is an internet-based fax service that lets you send and receive faxes using existing email accounts and the web. iNETFax eliminates fax machines, fax servers and everything that goes with them, such as supplies, dedicated lines and long distance charges. No more busy signals; no more waiting and no more paper!

Ultimate Flexibility
  • Send and receive faxes from your home, office or on the road

  • Fax from your email, internet or handheld device

Boost productivity
  • Text notifications let you know when fax arrived

  • Automatically track, file and forward incoming and outgoing faxes

Increased Reliability
  • No busy signals. You will never miss a fax again !

  • Never unplugged, out of paper, or in for maintenance

  • Store faxes online for 365 days

  • No hardware or software required.

Dramatic Cost Savings
  • With INETFax you will save

  • No fax charges


Main Advantages:

  • Easily monitor and log what your users are faxing and to where

  • Faxes are stored in PDF format instead of a proprietary file format

  • Users on any platform use the same identical interface

  • Faxes are archived on the server instead of in filing cabinets

  • Eliminates multiple fax machines in a single facility

  • Send faxes directly from your computer with email confirmation

  • Reduces paper and toner use in both the fax machine and office printer

  • Online address book helps reduce human input error


  • Fax-to-Email Gateway (receiving faxes by e-mail attachments)

  • Email-to-Fax Gateway (sending faxes by e-mail attachments)

  • Fax by Web using user friendly portal

  • Fax Distribution and Fax Routing (delivering faxes automatically)

  • Logging & Archiving of all faxes

  • Fax Broadcasting (sending an identical fax to multiple recipients)

  • Robust enough to handle multiple lines and thousands of faxes without ''crashing''

  • Users can view faxes online with any standard web browser (IE6/7, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, and Opera)

  • Download your faxes in PDF format

  • Recognizable fax numbers can have their faxes forwarded directly to an email address in PDF format

  • Users can forward faxes via email without the need of an email client

  • Enhanced cover page support

  • Unlimited users

  • Blacklisting support using Dynamic Config Reject Call

  • DID/DTMF-based routing support

  • Address book importer for both Email addresses and Fax numbers in vCard (.vcf) format

  • Multiple language support - each user can use the interface in their native language

  • Fax archive - search your fax archive for received and sent faxes by company, date, category, and keyword

  • Sending & Receiving faxes from your LAN, WAN and PC

  • Multiple users, platforms, and operating systems submit faxes to a common line

  • Automatic printing of any fax

  • Works with any Fax Machine

  • Fax Schedule Delivery

  • Delivery Confirmation by Email

  • Microsoft & Open Office Integration, Email attachments

  • Private and Secure

  • Enhanced CDR Reports

Document Management
Every fax that is sent and received has a Fax Identication (FaxID) number. iNETFAX's Archive is designed not only to allow the user to categorize and add descriptions to faxes but also to permit external applications to access faxes by their FaxID.
How can your company benefit from this? Many companies have already a system for tracking client proposals and confirmed orders. However, instead of having multiple copies of the same fax on different systems, each fax can be referenced by its FaxID from one single location. Also, iNETFAX's Archive interface allows the user to search for single or multiple faxes by company name, date, category, and by keywords in the fax's notes.
Let's say that a customer has confirmed an order by fax. The user simply processes the order, adds the order number and other information in a note, and assigns a category to that fax. iNETFAX keeps track of the user and the date of the last modification to each fax's note and category. In the future, that fax will be easily located by performing a search in the archive.
To view a demonstration video about how to use the E-FAX service, please check the following links:
1)  Mail to fax http://www.inetfax.ps/demo/mail2fax.swf

2)  Portal: http://www.inetfax.ps/demo/portal/pb.swf


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