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What is iNETFax?
iNETFax is a web application for managing faxes. iNETFax allows users on any platform to view and send faxes without having to install special software. It also allows administrators to manage users, their permissions, fax lines, fax categories, etc.


Why should your company/organization be interested?

- Do you have multiple users who need to use the fax machine?

- Do you need an efficient way to archive and search your sent and received faxes?

- Do you need a system that is robust enough to handle multiple fax lines and thousands of faxes without ''crashing''?

- Do you need to fax the same document to multiple recipients?

- If you've answered yes, iNETFax is definitely what you're looking for


If you are already a member please put your fax number here then press continue.


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To register your iNETFAX number now, please contact us on the information listed in the  contact us page.

1 Someone sends a fax to your iNETFax number
2 You receive the fax as an email attachment
3 Send faxes as email attachments

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See how easy and convenient online faxing can be!

Demo#1: Mail to Fax

Demo#2: Through iNETFax Portal

Personal & Small Business:




Starting 100 NIS/Month


Enterprise Business Package - Premium




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